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Artificial Disc Replacement for Neck and Back Pain

Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR) is a rapidly developing alternative to spinal fusion surgery to cure chronic back pain and treat symptomatic degenerative disc diseases.

As its name suggests, ADR surgery involves replacement of a degenerated disc that has caused back and neck pain

It replaces the painful/damaged disc with an artificial disc to provide pain relief without altering spinal biomechanics.

The artificial disc is designed to act like a normal disc, providing natural motion between two vertebrae while acting as a shock absorber in the spine.

ADR surgery is normally performed on the lumbar spine (lower back) and cervical spine (neck). And it is typically advised to patients affected by cervical or lumbar disc herniations which have not been cured by non-surgical treatment options.

ADR is generally considered and recommended for patients:

  • Who have symptomatic cervical disc problems causing neck pain and or arm pain, arm weakness, numbness.
  • Who are suffering from chronic back pain due to degenerated disc in lower lumbar spine.

How is surgery with Total Disc Replacement different from other surgical choices?

Total Disc Replacement

surgery is an alternative to fusion , which is the surgery that is most commonly done for your condition. In both the Fusion and the Total Disc Replacement procedures, the unhealthy disc is removed and the height at the level of your spine is restored to relief pressure on the nerves and/ or spinal cord.

In Fusion procedure, the bones are fixed in position with plates and screws and bone graft. In some Fusion procedures, the bone graft may come from your hip in a separate incision. After surgery, the two bones are supposed to grow together, creating one solid piece of bone and eliminating motion at the level of your spine, this is called a fusion.

In a Total Disc Replacement procedure, the artificial disc is inserted to restore the height at the level of your spine. A Total Disc Replacement procedure does not require a bone graft and the spine is not fused.

The aim of artificial disc technology is to maintain spinal motion following anterior discectomy, to reduce the incidence of adjacent disc degeneration (adjacent-segment disease following spinal fusion surgery), and to permit more rapid return to normal activity.

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