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Spinal injury is one of the most devastating human injury!! Along with spinal fracture, spinal cord gets injured and patient suffers paralysis of limbs. They also loose control over urine and stool.

Treatment of spinal injury patients comprise of two main parts: surgical stabilization and reconstruction of fractured area and decompression procedure. (to remove the pressure from spinal cord). The next part is Rehabilitation!

Rehabilitation plays a vital role in post-surgical recovery of the patients. Rehabilitation interventions (like physical therapy, exercise, etc.) can help the patients realize maximum benefits from surgery and helps them heal as fast and completely as possible.

There are specialized experts at The Spine Clinic to train and assist the patients in physiotherapy and healing exercises. They work with the patients to help them restore their health and get back to good physical condition after spinal injury.The Spine Clinic For pain clinic in Ahmedabad, pain clinic in Gujarat, pain clinic in India, pain clinic in Africa.

Some of the rehabilitation interventions include:

  • Graded exercise programme including in bed physiotherapy and hydrotherapy Care for prevention of bed sore.
  • Specialized (one-on-one) training program developed for individual patients depending on their neurological status .
  • Exercises for quick recovery and to get patients back to normal activity in safe way by preventing re-injury.
  • Home movement assistance to avoid pressure on spine after the surgery and ease routine home and work activities after being discharged from hospital

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