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Spinal Tumour

Tumours originating in spine called primary tumours are rare. They mostly grow slowly and tend to occur in younger adults. Most spinal tumours are believed to have spread from other part of the body. That's why patients with cancer elsewhere in the body need immediate evaluation of any new complaint of spine pain to determine if the cancer has spread to the spine area.

General Symptoms associated with Spinal Tumour

  • Pain in the neck or back, followed by neurological problems such as weakness or numbness of the arms or legs or change in normal bowel or bladder habits
  • Focal spine pain that is worse in the morning
  • Severe pain when there is direct manipulation or compression of the affected area of the spine
  • Pain that does not diminish with rest
  • Pain that may be worse at night than during the day
  • Back pain along with constitutional symptoms such as loss of appetite, unplanned weight loss, nausea, vomiting, or fever, chills or shakes

On detection of tumor in the spine, a complete examination of all common organs where cancer develops is usually advised. It shall include evaluation of complete medical history, complete physical examination, complete neurological examination, radiographic studies of the spine, chest and GI system to screen for tumors and MRI and CAT scans to examine the spine. Depending upon the type of tumour (Vertebral Column Tumor, Intradural-Extramedullary and Intramedullary Tumors), the surgical treatments may be used to remove the tumour.

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